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Glass Edge Deletion Table

Glass coating companies frequently require coating edge deletion for the majority of their sputter coated products containing silver. This is to ensure appropriate adhesion of sealants to their glass surfaces. Our Swiveling Ball Caster Edge Deletion Table is designed to remove up to 1/2" of sputter coatings from the edges of glass lites. Deletion wheels of widths up to 2" can be used with our Lexan Shield. By passing the glass consistently under the deletion head, our table efficiently deletes the coating from the glass so that it can be used with sealants in your products.

Alternating directional ball casters allow for smooth movement of glass anywhere on the table. The back edge of the table has a series of adjustable guide wheels to move the glass smoothly into the deletion wheel area. These wheels and the motor can be moved in and out to adjust the area being deleted.

A standard 120V single phase supply is all that's required for the motor. The motor switch, located in the worker pocket is overload protected for worker safety. Our specially-designed Lexan shield incorporates a vacuum port in its design to further protect workers from flying debris. Each table comes with a Shop-Vac™ 6 gallon vacuum fitted with a HEPA filter.

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Ordering Information

sputter coated glass edge deletion table headSputter-Coated Glass Edge Deletion Table: $5650.50 each

Additional Deletion Wheels (Part #: EDT Wheel 8 IN): $87.75 each
Additional UHMW Wear Strip (Part #: EDT Wear Strip): $165.00 each
Additional Lexan Guard (Part#: EDT Lexan Guard): $180.00 each

Shipping Information
All Pricing FOB Carleton, Michigan USA. Shipping size for a table within the United States is 80" x48" x36" high. The table shipment weight is approximately 500 pounds.

Overseas Customers
Overseas Shipping size for a table is approximately 85" x60" x48" high [2.2 x1.5 x1.2 meters]. This requires construction of a custom box the cost of which would be added to the price of the table. The shipping weight is approximately 790 pounds [358 Kilos]. Please note that we require payment in advance for new oversea customer orders.

The Harmonized/Schedule B ID for the Hand Held Edge Deletion Tool is #8464.20.01.10. The Harmonized/Schedule B ID for Extra Deletion Wheels is #8464.20.90.20.

Technical Information

Edge Deletion Table UHMW GuideThe table frame is 48" x 80" and is approximately 38" tall. It includes adjustable feet providing 7" of height adjustment. These feet also allow for leveling the table on uneven surfaces. The table motor plugs into a standard 120V three-prong grounded outlet. The motor-starter switch is located inside of the worker pocket on the front of the machine and includes a 4-9 amp heater overload for worker safety. A two outlet 120 V plug has been mounted on the back of the table for your convenience. It is powered when the table switch is on. This can be used with the included 6-gallon vacuum with HEPA filter.

Table with Vacuum Plugged InThe deletion area features a reversible plastic backing guide. This provides quick and seamless movement of the glass beneath the deletion head. It also enables the table to be used for glass sizes as small as 5" in width. The guide is designed to be be used 4 different times by turning it 180 degrees and flipping it over so. This allows you for the most cost-effective use of a single wear strip.

We can also modify our edge deletion table to meet your specific needs and requirements. We have made several such modifications for customers. An example of such modifications we have made at our customer's request in the past include:
  • The addition of radius guides to delete coatings from a standard-sized rounded corners.
  • Extension wings to accommodate larger glass, such as patio door-sized lites.
  • Modification to the Edge Deletion Table Frame to fit Customer requirements.

To view a .pdf file of the Edge Deletion Table Operation Manual in a new window, click here.
To view a .pdf drawing showing basic dimensions of the Edge Deletion Table in a new window, click here.

Table Part Listing

An exploded view of the Edge Deletion Table Motor is shown below next to a part listing for your reference when ordering spare and replacement parts. Parts are also available for the table surface. Please contact us for more information on table top parts.

Edge Deletion Table Motor Assembly Exploded
Detail Part Cost
A EDT Motor - 1/2 HP Motor, 3450 RPM $222.76
B EDT Motor Mount - Hinged Motor Moun6 $281.48
C 1/4-20 x 1/2" long SHCS for Motor (4 Req'd)  
D EDT Motor Handle - Height Adjustment Ass'y $28.53
E EDT Z-Clips - Shield Mounting Clips (Pair) $6.00
F 5/16 x 1" Hex Head Cap Screw  
G EDT Flanges - Wheel Mounting Flanges (Pair) $154.50
H EDT Wheel 8 IN - 8" Dia Deletion Wheel $87.75
I EDT Lexan Guard - Lexan Guard w/ Vacuum Port $180.00

Please allow 1 week lead time for items A, D, E & H and 2-3 Weeks lead time for Items B, G & I.

Part Shipping Information
All Pricing FOB Carleton, Michigan US.
We cannot accept credit card payments, except through PayPal. There is a processing fee on all PayPal orders. 

Overseas Customers
Please note: we require payment in advance for new oversea customer orders.

Table Length Extension Wings

Customers who work with large lites of glass such as patio doors often need a large rolling surface to support the glass. For this sort of application, we offer bolt-on wings which extend the table top surface from it's standard 80" long to 128" long. A 24" long by 48" extension is added to each side of the table surface to create a uniform working surface. Each extension wing bolts on to your existing table using four included bolts and a level. If the extension wings are ordered with a table, we will be happy to drill the eight required holes before shipping the table and wings. (The wings ship separately from the table and require mounting at your facility, however. This is done to save you shipping expense.)

To open a .pdf drawing of the table extensions in a new window, click here.

       Sputter Coated Edge Deletion Table Drawing Showing Extension Wings

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