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Glass Edge Deletion Table Motor Assembly

Edge Deletion Table Motor Assembly & Wear Strip mounted on Table Glass coating companies frequently require coating edge deletion for their sputter coated products containing silver. This ensures appropriate adhesion of sealants to their glass surfaces. Many companies have existing glass transport tables that they would like to convert into edge deletion tables.

Our Edge Deletion Table Motor Assembly can be retrofitted to your existing table with the addition of a rear bracket, Wear Guide and Edge Guide Wheels. This assembly is designed to remove up to 1/2" of sputter coatings from the edges of glass lites. Deletion wheels of widths up to 2" can also be used with our Lexan Shield. Passing glass consistently under the deletion head, removes the coating from the glass so that it can be used with sealants in your products.

Our Edge Deletion Table Motor Assembly requires only two 3/8" bolts to mount to your existing table. In addition to the motor, we offer an Edge Deletion Table Wear strip which allows class to be passed uniformly and easily under the deletion wheel head. This wear strip has been designed to work specifically with our motor assembly, requiring just two 1/4"-20 bolts to hold it in place. We can also supply adjustable Edge Guide Wheels to be placed on the back of your table to allow proper alignment of glass for quick movement under the deletion head.

Labeled image of Edge Deletion Table parts


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Ordering Information

sputter coated glass edge deletion table head EDT Motor Assy: $1205.75 each
(Includes motor, hinged adjustable platform and protective. See parts
tab above for complete part listing.)

EDT Wheel 8 IN - (Deletion Wheel): $87.75 each
EDT Wear Strip (White UHMW) : $139.05 each
EDT Edge Guide Wheel Assy - $31.76 each

Edge Deletion Table Guide Wheel Assembly
Edge Deletion Table Guide Wheel Assembly

Shipping Information
All Pricing FOB Carleton, Michigan USA. Shipping size within the United States is 80" x48" x36" high. The boxed motor shipment weight is approximately 55 pounds [25 Kilos].The box size is approximately 12" x12" x12".

International Customers
Please note: we require payment in advance for first time oversea customer orders. The Harmonized/Schedule B ID for the Edge Deletion Motor Assembly and other parts shown is #8464.20.01.10.

Technical Information

Edge Deletion Table UHMW GuideThe motor is 120V/220V single phase. It includes two wire nuts to make wiring installation as easy as possible at your site. Note that this motor does not have self-contained overload protection and requires the installation of a thermal protection overload switch rated for a 6.8 amp draw. The motor must be mounted to your table on a surface parallel to the glass, sitting about 1" below the bottom of the glass when it is sitting on your table's casters. Two 3/8" bolts are required to hold the adjustable motor assembly in place. To view complete instructions for the Edge Deletion Table Motor Assembly installation, Edge Deletion Wear Strip and Edge Guide Wheel mounting see the Edge Deletion Table Operation Manual (Appendix A) here.

EDT Motor Assembly Part Listing

An exploded view of the Edge Deletion Table Motor Assembly is shown below next to a part listing for your reference when ordering spare and replacement parts. Parts are also available for the table surface. Please contact us for more information on table top parts.

Edge Deletion Table Motor Assembly Exploded
Detail Part Cost
A EDT Motor - 1/2 HP Motor, 3450 RPM $222.76
B EDT Motor Mount - Hinged Motor Moun6 $281.48
C 1/4-20 x 1/2" long SHCS for Motor (4 Req'd)  
D EDT Motor Handle - Height Adjustment Ass'y $28.53
E EDT Z-Clips - Shield Mounting Clips (Pair) $6.00
F 5/16 x 1" Hex Head Cap Screw  
G EDT Flanges - Wheel Mounting Flanges (Pair) $154.50
H EDT Wheel 8 IN - 8" Dia Deletion Wheel $87.75
I EDT Lexan Guard - Lexan Guard w/ Vacuum Port $180.00

Please allow 1 week lead time for items A, D, E & H and 2-3 Weeks lead time for Items B, G & I.

Part Shipping Information
All Pricing FOB Carleton, Michigan US.

Overseas Customers
Please note: we require payment in advance for new oversea customer orders.

** Please contact us for pricing.

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