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Glass Manufacturing Products

While much of our work is custom-tailored to the needs of each individual customer and situation, the Resources Unlimited Company engineers have also created several products for use by glass manufacturing companies. Among these products are furnace and tin bath coolers which are used in the flat glass manufacturing process. At the same time, we have developed several tools which can be used to edge delete the coatings from sputter coated glass, allowing insulated glass manufacturers to meet edge deletion needs required to fulfill glass manufacturer warranties. Listed below is an assortment of our products used by glass manufacturing companies all over the world. We are happy to customize these products to meet your specific manufacturing needs. If you are looking for something in particular, contact us.

Hand Held Edge Deletion Tool
Sputter Coating Edge Deletion Table
Glass Line Roll Rebuilding
Edge Deletion Table Motor Assembly
Furnace and tin bath coolers
Single piece duck-foot coolers
Glass Stirrer Paddle Cooler












To learn more about some of our product offerings, you can select one of the product squares above or use the text menu below.

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