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Liquid Glass Stirrer Paddle Coolers

Our Liquid Glass Stirrer Paddles are specifically designed to reduce ream as glass moves out of your furnace. By turning the liquid glass, the cooled glass stirrer paddles mix cooler glass on the sides and bottom of the furnace with warmer glass flowing from the center. This homogenizes the glass, helping it to flow under the waist cooler. This will help you to keep the warm glass from getting stuck at the waist cooler, causing it to flow back into the furnace. The result is a more efficient process. Resources Unlimited has been designing and building stirrer paddles since our founding. We have experienced machinists and fabricators who are intimately familiar with the manufacturing process designing and creating these coolers. In addition, we can provide pressurized die penetrant testing upon request.

Stirrer Paddle Front View


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Ordering Information

Please contact for more information on pricing for our Liquid Glass Stirrer Paddle Coolers. Note that we cannot accept credit card payments, except through PayPal. There is a processing fee on all PayPal orders. 

Shipping Information
All Pricing FOB Carleton, Michigan US. A standard Stirrer Paddle weighs 37 pounds (16.8 Kilos). All orders require purchase of a custom-built shipping box costing $200.

Overseas Customers
Contact us to discuss shipping. The Harmonized/Schedule B ID for the Liquid Glass Stirrer Paddle Coolers is #7306.61.6500 . Please note that we require payment in advance for new oversea customer orders.

Liquid Glass Stirrer Paddle Side

Technical Information

Stirrer Paddle Machined EndThe Liquid Glass Stirrer Paddle shown above is a 47-5/8" long paddle manufactured from one inch and 4 inch schedule 40 black pipe. The plates are 1018 HR carbon steel. Paddles are of welded construction in conformance with AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code. All paddles are welded with 7018 Low Hydrogen welding rod and are tested to 250 PSI for eight hours for leaks.

Following construction, each paddle is mounted in an engine lathe with the paddle section in the 4 jaw chuck and the 4-1/2" body in a steady rest. The paddle is then checked from end to end for a T.I.R of .010 inches. Following alignment, the paddle mounting face is machined to make sure it is perpendicular to the paddle center line, assuring truly concentric operation. (See photo at right.) We can produce paddles at a length to meet your specification. We have designed and built paddles up to 72 inches long. If you require die penetrant checking, the paddles are then sent out so that this can be performed by an independent company. We will provide the certification documentation to you.

To see a drawing of our standard Stirrer Paddle, click here.

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